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Michaele Brüll was born in Aachen and lives and works in Berlin, Germany

I realise surfaces that function as screens reflecting modern people's hidden wishes and desires through use of erotically laden imagery. Surfaces made of tightly drawn tights function as screens on to which pictures from everyday media, modern building materials, photocopies and transparencies are projected, portraying interactive situations familiar as part of city dwellers' lives: fantastic stories chockfull of eroticism, sexuality and passion. In my “Potsdam sinnlich“ (Sensual Potsdam), I dressed a heroic stone sculpture in a colonnade, a remnant of the old palace in Potsdam, in red nylon underpants. The use of such a modern fabric transformed the classical beauty of the figure through the addition of erotic attributes taken from consumer culture. A focus of my photographic work, including photo-collages, is how modern urban space is re-defined by large-scale advertisements. I combine photographs of city dwellers in their urban environment on a wall which is in then direct dialogue with the exhibition space itself. Large objects show the considerable influence the advertising industry has on us all in consumer society, and this makes that influence tangible. In my “Hellersdorf ist eine Reise wert“ (Hellersdorf is worth visiting) project, I dealt with issues in the Hellersdorf district of Berlin. I roamed the streets and squares with a camera like a tourist would, experiencing different spaces there, and then photographed these places. The resulting slides of high-rise housing estates, and those who dwell therein, were used to realise an installation. Within the framework of 48-Stunden Neukölln, a shop window will be transformed into a video installation. In The Body Communal- "Neukölln buzzes as it lures you", shifts in perspective playfully bring the diversity of the Karl-Marx-Straße past and present, together.

Artistic Education

2006-2008 MA, Institute of Art in Context, at the Berlin University of the Arts, Germany,
Prof. Michael Fehr
1991-1995 Art College Ottersberg / Germany
Prof. Madleine Jahn-Pütz, Prof. Michael Kohr
1989-1991 Paul-Pollock-School of Creative and Visual Arts, Freiburg / Germany
1987-1988 Free School of Art, Stuttgart / Germany


Society of Female Artists and Art Sponsors, GEDOK, Berlin / Germany
BBK, Organisation of Creative and Visual Artists, Berlin / Germany

Solo Exhibitions

2015 Kunst aus Berlin, Künstlerbund Heilbronn, Heilbronn  
2013 B.AGL Art afFairs, Berlin  
2012 Intimacy, Gallery Kuhn & Partner, Berlin
Nylon Superstructure, Gallery Crystal Ball, Berlin
2005 Undressed, Gallery Saalbau, Berlin  
2003 Faithfulness Pays it´s Way, Gallery Cryptical Concepts, Berlin
Above & Below Board, Otto-Nagel-Gallery, Berlin
2002 Fantastic-Elastic, Foth-Gallery, Freiburg
"1st. Choise", Gallery-forum for female-artists, Gedok, Karlsruhe
2001 "1st. Choice", Municipal Gallery Schwarzes Kloster, Gedok, Freiburg
1999 "100 - NetWork", Robert-Keller-Gallery, Kandern
1998 "100 - NetWork", Gallery Jutta Fink, Heitersheim
"100 - NetWork", ArtsFactory, Kehl
1996 Municipal-Gallery Schwarzes Kloster, Gedok, (mit Olga Allenstein) Freiburg
Gallery 51, Hilden
1995 Ministry of Culture in Hannover Lower Saxony, Hannover
1994 "Abstract Acrillyc Paintings", Gallery GlasGo, Hamburg

Group Exhibitions

2021 PINK-PANIK, Neuköllner Kunstverein, Berlin  
2014 Fluchten, GEDOK Galerie, Berlin
OVERGROUND, WeekendGalleryBerlin, Berlin
Il principio parlante / Das redende Prinzip, Galleria Cortina , Milano / Italien
Querbeet 3, Kunstmix - Produzentengalerie, Bremen
Das redende Prinzip, Gallery Kuhn und Partner, Berlin
7 Auktion zu Gunsten des Kinderschutz-Zentrums Berlin,
Gallery Kuhn und Partner/ Verlag Tagesspiegel, Berlin
2013 Friends of the gallery, Galerie Kuhn und Partner, Berlin
I wish, China…, Kunstverein Acud, Berlin
Neuköllner Zimmer, 48h-Neukölln, Community Channel Europe, Berlin
Fünfzig Zentimeter, Kunst und Aktionsraum Schillerpalais, Berlin
MachtKunst-Deutsche Bank Kunsthalle, Alte Münze, Berlin
Gesichter der GEDOK, GEDOK-Gallery, Berlin
2012 Pohl-Position2 – artists stage a street, Gallery Pohl, Berlin

„I Wish“, Art and Design, Deqiang College, University of Harbin, China
Friends of the gallery - 30 artists with 3 works
Pohl-Position – artists stage a street


“Not Just the body, but”, Concentart Berlin, Berlin


The Body Communal- "Neukölln buzzes as it lures you" 48-Stunden-Neukölln, Berlin


DinA6, Mail-Art, Kunstraum t27, Berlin


O.T. ...Wer die Wahl hat, Ausstellungszentrum Pyramide, Gedok Berlin, Berlin
Unbeschreiblich weiblich, Gedok Hamburg, Hamburg


Aus dem Kontext, Masterarbeiten 07/08 am Institut für Kunst im Kontext - Universität der Künste, Rundgang 2008, Berlin
Stoffwechsel, Galerie miejsce – der Ort, Berlin


Sensing the Street, Interdisziplinäres Projekt
Humboldt-Universität, Uni.K-UDK, Kunst im Kontext/UDK
Mitte Museum, Sallbau Galerie und Kreuzbergmuseum, Berlin


Damen und Herren, toilette 27-Neukölln, Berlin


Summer group show-Umgebung, Fläche, Raum, Gallery Open, Berlin
Synopse -06, Experimentelle Räume, 80 years of Gedok, Ausstellungszentrum Pyramide Hellersdorf, Berlin
Zum Ball-Spiel, Tempelhof-Schöneberger Kunstpreis, Galerie im Rathaus Tempelhof, Berlin
Match of the Day, Gallery Körnerpark, Berlin
Homesickness, Otto-Nagel-Gallery, Berlin


durchzug, Sony Center Potsdamer Platz, Berlin
Love-Londonart, Oxo-Tower-gallery, London
Arte e´Vita, New Art in old cultur-landscapes, Potsdam
Böcklin´s Toteninsel, Kunstfaktor-Producer's Gallery, Berlin
The Wall loves Objects, Gallery R31, Berlin
Vorwäsche, Arminius covered market Moabit, Berlin
Raumcoloraturen, 48 Stunden Neukölln, Passage, Berlin
AmbienteRED, Haus am Kleistpark, Berlin

2004 Regionale 5-Entanglement, Municipal Gallery Stapflehus, Weil a. Rhein
Arte e ´Vita-International Symposium with exhibition, Waschhaus, Potsdam
slubfurt-Große Scharrnstr., Frankfurt-Oder
Eyes to the fingertips, Verborgenes Museum, Berlin
Basell-Art Awards, Polyolefine GmbH and Kunstverein, Wesseling
Bordercases/Borderworth, Kunstkreuz Frankfurter-Tor, Berlin
Gallery Temporaire, supported by Europe Union, Ministry,
work in the public space, Berlin
Kunst-Ware, GDK-Academy of Arts, Berlin
2003 Z-Zeitgenössisch! Young-Art, in the KPM, Berlin
multiple joy, Gallery Foth, Freiburg
Five Plus - Gedok, Verborgenes Museum, Berlin
2002 Regionale 3-Urbanität 2002, Projectroom M54, Basel / Switzerland
Performance: "The Concert with a Bang"
Gedok-Dessin "Free Line", Mus´ee des Beaux Arts, Mulhouse / France (catalouge)
Gedok-griffig, work with Material, Municipal Gallery Schwarzes Kloster
2001 "Bildschönes", Markgräfler Museum, Müllheim-Baden
"Zeit-Schnitt" / time-cut, Municipal Gallery, Karlsruhe (catalouge)
1994 Kulturabteilung Gemeinde Lilienthal bei Bremen
Kunstforum Neustädter Bahnhof, Bremen
1993 Weilburger Förderpreis für Bildende Kunst, Teilnahme 1993 (catalouge)